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Provinsi                : Central Java
Birht Day              : 2 May 1547
Regional area      ..: 373,67 km²
Inhabitants          : 1.393.000 souls ( 2003),  Density of
                               3.731 souls per kilometer squares.
Ethnic group        ..: Javanese, Chinese, Arab, etc.
Linguistic            ...: Javanese, Indonesia
Religion                : Islam, Protestant, Roman Chatolic, Hindu,                ...... .......................Buddha, Agnostic (Kepercayaan).
District                 ..: 16, Sub-district of 177
Mayor of the city  ..: Sukawi Sutarip
Code phoned       : 024
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Semarang is a capital of  Central Java Province, Indonesia. Semarang is one of town led by mayor. This town is located about 485 km eastside Jakarta, or 308 km westside Surabaya. Semarang abutted the Java Sea in the north, Sub-Province Demak in the east, Sub-Province Semarang in the south, and Sub-Province Kendal in the west.


Semarang initially is a sub-province, build by Raden Kaji Kasepuhan ( known as Pandan Arang) on 2 May 1547 and ratified by Sultan Hadiwijaya. In the year of 1906 Dutch Indies government formed Municipal (gemeente) Semarang led by burgermeester, what becoming genesis of forming of Town Semarang. Municipality Semarang definitively specified based on the Law No. 13 Year 1950 concerning forming of sub-provinces in area of Central Java Province.


Semarang is located on the northern coast of Java. The northern part of the city is built on the coastal plain while the southern parts, known as Candi Lama and Candi Baru, are on higher ground. Two rivers run through the city, one on the east side and one through the west side, essentially dividing the city into thirds.
Lower ground in Semarang very narrowed, namely about 4 kilometers  from coastline. This lower ground recognized with the area of “Kota Bawah”.  The lower ground area often flood stricken, and in a number of areas, this floods caused overflowing of sea-water (rob). In the south of the town  is plateau, what recognized with “Kota Atas” area cover District Of Candi , Srondol, Mijen, Gunungpati, and Banyumanik.


Town of Semarang consist of 16 districts, which are divided in a number of countrysides and sub-districts.

  • Banyumanik
  • Candisari
  • Gajahmungkur
  • Gayamsari
  • Genuk
  • Gunungpati
  • Mijen
  • Ngaliyan
  • Pedurungan
  • Semarang Barat
  • Semarang Selatan
  • Semarang Tengah
  • Semarang Timur
  • Semarang Utara
  • Tembalang
  • Tugu


Resident Semarang generally is Java tribe and apply Javanese language as colloquial. Majority religion which embraced is Islam. Semarang have big community of Chinese.  As in other area in Java, especially in Central Java, they have been are mixed with local residents and apply Javanese language in communicating.


PSIS is the only professional football club in Semarang. At season of 1999, PSIS successfully become Indonesia league champion, but at competition season of 2000 degradation to Division I. At season of 2006 playing at in Main Division of Djarum Wilayah 1 League and reach for 2nd position after in final lose 0-1 by Persik Kediri.


Visit to can be gone through with journey of land, sea, and air. Semarang passed by “pantura” line (the beach of the northern Java island) connecting Jakarta with towns along the beach north Javas islands. At this time have been build toll road connecting Semarang with Solo, the biggest second town in Central Java. Transportation of intertown bus is focused in “Mangkang” Terminal and “Terboyo” Terminal. Transportation in town served by town bus, city transport, and pedicab.
Semarang have two railway station: Tawang Station for executive and business class train, and also Poncol Station for economic class train and transportation of goods. Train among others majors Semarang-Jakarta, Semarang-Bandung, Semarang-Surabaya, Jakarta-Semarang-Jombang, Jakarta-Semarang-Malang.
Air transport is served at Ahmad Yani Airport , connect Semarang with a number of Indonesias larges towns every day. Port Of Tanjung Mas connect Semarang with a number of port of Indonesias towns and over seas ; also there is also container terminal in this port.


Some government owned colleges in Semarang are :

  • Universitas Diponegoro (Undip)
  • Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes)
  • Politeknik Negeri Semarang
  • UIN Walisongo
  • Akademi Kepolisian

Some private sector owned colleges are :

  • Universitas Islam Sultan Agung
  • Universitas Wahid Hasyim Semarang
  • Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata
  • Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
  • Universitas Stikubank
  • Universitas Semarang
  • Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang
  • STMIK ProVisi IT College

Some distinguised public high school are :

  • SMU 1 Semarang
  • SMU Kolese Loyola
  • SMU Negeri 3 Semarang
  • SMU Negeri 4 Semarang
  • SMU Negeri 5 Semarang
  • SMU Krista Mitra
  • SMU Karangturi
  • SMU Sedes Sapientiae
  • SMU Kebondalem
  • SMU Theresiana
  • SMU Kristen YSKI
  • SMU Pangudi Luhur Don Bosco
  • SMU Institut Indonesia
  • SMU Kesatrian 1

Besides favorite high school there are also public high and secondary schools having fully autonomy : SMU YPE, Sampangan, SMU and SMK TU (Teuku Umar) and some favorites schools for continuations firstly level are SMP N 3 Semarang, SMP PL Domenico Savio, SMP Negeri 2 Semarang, SMP Maria Goretti, SMP Maria Mediatrix, SMP Theresiana, SMP N 13, MTsN02 Gajahmungkur, for the private sector there are SMP YPE and others.


Newspaper publishing in Semarang are: Suara Merdeka, Wawasan (Suara Merdeka Group), Meteor, and Radar Semarang (Jawa Pos Group). Local television in Semarang is TV Borobudur, Pro TV, TVKU, and Cakra TV.


  • Semarang have devout culture art namely “Warag Ngendhog” and “Dhugdheran” which performed nearing the coming month of Ramadhan (holy fasting month of Islam).
  • Semarang have old town called Little Netherland including Polder area, Tawang Station, Berok Bridge and Lawang Sewu etc
  • Chinese  Community in Semarang, through “Kopi Semawis” (Kelompok Pecinan Semarang untuk Pariwisata  /  Semarang Chinese Community  for Tourism),  perform Market Semawis, selling various Chinese foods & typical products in Semarang Chinese area (Gang Pinggir area).


  • Ciputra Mall in “Simpang Lima” area
  • Makro super market in Majapahit street
  • Simpang Lima Public square in area of Simpang Lima
  • Java Mall in area of Jangli, MT Haryono with Hypermart and Matahari as anchor tenant
  • Sri Ratu Dept Store in Pemuda Street and area of Peterongan MT Haryono
  • Ramayana Dept Store in area of Simpang Lima
  • Ada Dept Store, Siliwangi, Majapahit Setiabudi and Fatmawati
  • DP Mall with Careffour which is located in Pemuda Street.


Famous Star Hotel in Semarang is Grand Candi, Ciputra, Horizon, Graha Santika, Patra Jasa, Novotel, Gumaya, Ibis. Famous Guest House : example : Wisma Sakinah in Kumudasmoro Barat street no.24  Pamularsih,  Wisma DPR in Menteri Supeno Street.


  • Semarang tranditional and typical foods  for example are  lumpia, tempe mendoan, soto ayam, tahu petis (soybean cake), tahu gimbal, bandeng presto, wingko babat, and sega kucing.
  • Semarang have slogan as Atlas Town (Aman=Peaceful, Tertib=Orderly, Lancar=Fluent, Asri=Harmoniously and Sehat=Healthy)
  • Some famous hospital in Semarang is: RSUP Dr. Karyadi, Telogorejo Hospital, Elizabeth Hospital, Panti Wilasa Citarum Hospital, Panti Wilasa Dr. Cipto Hospital RSU PKU Muhammadiyah Roemani and Sultan Agung Islam Hospital (RSISA).
  • Favorite Public School in Semarang is SMA Negeri 3 which located in Pemuda Street, in front of Mayor office Semarang, this school is famous, because having very good quality, causing become favorite for every student passing secondary school.
  • While best private school in Semarang Town is Kolese Loyola which located in Karanganyar Street. This school is famous with quality of the student which very good and have many graduates succeeding. This school become dream for secondary student school in Central Java in general.

Source : Wikipedia Indonesia, Indonesian Free Encyclopaedia.