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Wisma Sakinah is the comfortable home stay & guest house at Semarang Central Java Indonesia, it’s only 5 minutes from the Airport of Ahmad Yani Semarang. Wisma Sakinah offered 17 rooms and  each rooms completed with bathroom in hot & cold water, telephone, air conditioned, musholla, karaoke, television, indonesian breakfast, refrigerator and secure parking area.

Wisma Sakinah is calm and comfortable place for your guests.  Your guest from the public officers, private sectors and the individual household are welcome to Wisma Sakinah.


Wisma Sakinah very close with the Ronggowarsito Museum that was the most complete museum in Semarang. This museum had the collection, archeology  and history objects. The Ronggowarsito name was taken from one of the Indonesian poets who was famous with his work in the philosophy field and culture.

Wisma Sakinah close to the location of the “Puri Maerokoco”, the  attratived place of tourists  on the  “PRPP” area  was meant as “the Garden of Miniature of  the Central Java” that encompassed 35 regencies and  cities in Central Java.

Wisma Sakinah also close to the pagoda of “Gedung Batu”  that was built by the envoy of Tiongkok – ancient Chinese country - named Sam Poo Tay Djien. The pagoda gave the inspiration for the expansion of various legends about the Semarang city especially the Simongan region. The pagoda had beautiful buildings, the blend between the Chinese ornament and Javanese traditions. This pagoda is interesting place to visit.